Member Spotlight – December 2017 - Adam Cutshall

Member Spotlight – December 2017 - Adam Cutshall

Gain Station - Adam Cutshall

We'd like to recognize Adam Cutshall! Adam, is a hard worker and is always focused on hitting his numbers. He busts his ass in the gym every time he shows up and always brings a positive, uplifting energy to the Gain Station. Here are some things you may or may not know about Adam:

1. He's a proud father to a new baby boy, Elliott and a great husband to his wife, Cheryl.

2. He's an avid Duke basketball and Tennessee football fan. Despite Tennessee's recent struggles, he believes they can turn the program around back to its proud roots.

3. He's been involved in firefighting and emergency response teams since he was in high school. His heart to help and serve others drives his commitment to his community.

4. When he's not working or lifting, Adam likes to spend time with his family, go fishing, or just hang out and watch the race on Sundays.

We at the Gain Station are proud of his successes both in and out of the gym. The energy and hard work he brings on bench nights is always contagious and we couldn't ask for a better friend to have lifting with us.